Gravel Landscaping Ideas (Photos)

Gravel landscaping ideas photos

Using gravel (decorative aggregates) for landscaping your garden is cost effective and using it with other materials can get some really nice results.

Below are some photos of different gravel landscape design ideas for inspiration which you might want to use for your own garden, adding interest without breaking the bank.

Gravel Landscape Design Ideas

Gravel landscaping ideas photo rocks and gravel
Mixing gravel with rocks
Gravel landscaping ideas photo garden path
Gravel path in cottage style garden
Gravel landscaping ideas photos zen garden
Zen garden idea
Gravel landscaping ideas photos wooden bridge
Gravel with other materials
Gravel landscaping ideas photo gravel garden with succulents Annie Spratt
Gravel with succulents – Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Gravel landscaping ideas photos zen garden Bertrand Borie
Zen garden – Photo by Bertrand Borie on Unsplash
Japanese Garden with Gravel
Japanese garden with gravel
Secret garden with gravel
Secret garden with gravel
Gravel Path
Gravel path
Cemented Gravel Path
Cemented gravel path
Contrasting gravel – Image by Freepik
Gravel path with contrasting pavers and rocks – Image by onlyyouqj on Freepik
Stepping stone garden path with gravel – Image by awesomecontent on Freepik
Gravel next to water in a Japanese style garden
Gravel path at stately home
Ham House garden gravel paths – Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

If you want to transform your garden with gravel, the most cost effective way is to have them delivered in 800kg bulk bags. Larger quantities can be delivered as loose aggregates.

Gravel Landscaping Ideas (Video)